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We are extremely pleased to bring to you this year’s BCA Referencer, which is older than both the signatories. Yet in so many ways it is youthful and fresh. The BCA Referencer has kept inventing and re-inventing itself constantly, keeping up with changing times and technologies. While the CD allowed you to view the BCA Referencer on your PCs and Laptops, the App will now give you the convenience of referring to this treasure trove of knowledge on your smart phones.

While we have been making incremental improvements, the nation stands at the threshold of taking a quantum leap towards progress and prosperity. The potential is there. The time is right. The mandate is in place. The enthusiasm is matching the expectations. Will we grab this opportunity? It is time to Reimagine the idea of India.

We have flourished in the past. We have a golden and glorious history. Nothing should stop us now. Our time is here. The hopes of 1.25 billion are pinned on the idea of a new and resurgent India. The eyes of the world are on us. The spotlight is on us. It is time to deliver. Deliver we must and deliver we will.

The BCA Referencer is the outcome of the tireless efforts of so many people and we would like to thank each and every one for devoting their time and putting their hearts in delivering such a beautiful product.

We would like to thank the Compilers who have taken pains to update the sections of their expertise and converting such complex subjects into easy-to-refer formats. Kudos to the quartet of Editors – Rajeev N. Shah, Yatin K. Desai, Sangeeta S. Pandit and Kinjal V. Bhuta for their painstaking efforts in poring over the entire contents with a fine comb to ensure that you get a flawless product in your hands. A special mention must be made of the Past Presidents Pranay H. Marfatia and Deepak R. Shah for their guidance and suggestions and for ensuring that the high standards of the BCA Referencer are maintained. We would like to thank Rashmin C. Sanghvi for his intense and passionate debates on the theme pages. We would like to place on record our appreciation to the entire team of Finesse Graphics for toiling hard and working on tight timelines and schedules to deliver this high quality product in time. Last but not the least, we thank the staff of BCAS for efficiently managing the logistics and administration.

We hope you find this BCA Referencer useful to you and your team. Here’s wishing you progress, prosperity and peace.

Nitin Shingala   Naushad Panjwani
President   Chairman
    Membership & Public Relations Committee


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