BCAS President CA. Sunil Gabhawalla's Message for the Month of July 2019

        Dear Members,

As I sit to write this last communication, my thoughts race back a year in time when I took over the mantle as the President of this esteemed Society. In the acceptance speech, I had defined the theme of the annual plan for the BCAS Year 2018-2019 to be that of aligning its priorities to members’ expectations, which broadly revolved around four key sub-sets – “Re-engineer my Profession”, “Rekindle my Passion”, “Restore my Pride” and “Rejuvenate my BCAS”.

Reflecting back over the past year, I feel happy and satisfied that our Society has undertaken numerous steps and initiatives to ensure that the said expectations are reasonably met. The Annual Report has already been circulated by email and significant changes have been made in its presentation to make it more meaningful. I would request you to download and go through the same. I would not like to repeat the initiatives since they are listed in it but would only highlight some major steps taken during the year:

◆ Making dissemination of knowledge crisp, relevant and participative through the format of panel discussions and expert chats;

◆ Bringing in multi-domain events and industry-specific events;

◆ Organising various long-duration courses to develop skill sets of the members;

◆ Organising more programmes highlighting the use of technology and its impact on the profession;

◆ Rejuvenating the students’ study circle with relevant and timely topics;

◆ Revival of various study circles catering to specific domains;

◆ Meeting various social causes like tree-plantation, providing flood relief, blood donation camp, etc.;

◆ Regular interaction with government officials and effective representation of issues faced by the profession and the industry;

◆ Regular coverage of issues in the media;

◆ Publications being released at regular intervals.

As my term draws to a close, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction at having lived a year with a purpose. It was a special year and many people made it even more special. As a leader of the Society, I had occasion to interact with many senior professionals and experts, government officials, members, staff, students, etc. While the context of such interactions was varied, one thing which was constant was the warmth and the respect during such interactions. No phone call went unanswered and no request was turned down. The selfless dedication of all such volunteers was truly a humbling experience. I would like to thank all the speakers, authors, compilers, conveners, course coordinators, chairmen and numerous well-wishers for their continued goodwill and support.

Special mention is due to my team of office-bearers – Manish, as an able Vice-President, provided the vital back-end support throughout the year and also acted as a wise sounding board for any new adventures or misadventures that came to my mind. With Suhas ably handling the Treasury, I did not have to worry about finance and accounts. Mihir was the go-to person for all Information Technology-related initiatives and issues, whereas Abhay was the strong support for the events, including the Committee meetings. I just cannot thank them enough. Together, we could divide activities based on our strengths and generate synergies which helped us achieve what we had dreamt of. If I have to summarise my journey in a single sentence, it has to be this – the journey of making new friends for a life-time!

Before I hang up my boots, I would like to acknowledge the feedback provided by all of you. Your constructive feedback has helped in evolving my persona. My best wishes and congratulations to the new team at the BCAS; I would like to wish Manish all the best for an illustrious year ahead. Having interacted with him closely, I am fully confident that he will take the Society to even greater heights during his tenure. It will be my pleasure to interact with you and be of any service to all of you at any point of time.

Abhar – Shukriya – Thank you.

Do write to me at president@bcasonline.org

Yours truly

CA. Sunil Gabhawalla








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