BCAS President CA Suhas Paranjpe's Message for the Month of December 2020

        Dear Members,

In continuation of my message in November, 2020 on social responsibility activities, the BCA Foundation (BCAF) in association with the Dharma Bharati Mission (DBM India) has re-launched a social project ‘Chalo English Sikhayein’ digitally for the benefit of underprivileged children from vernacular medium schools. As expected, BCAF received good response from our BCAS family to the appeal to participate in the noble cause to make a positive impact on the lives of students. BCAF would also contribute to donate digital assets to schools for use by the students for the above project. I appeal to all of you to contribute for this noble cause and for more such initiatives to come.

On 26th November, Padma Bhushan Faqir Chand Kohli (F.C. Kohli), 96, India’s Information Technology (IT) sector pioneer, passed away. He was a true visionary and was responsible for sowing the seeds of India’s IT industry through a Startup in 1968, viz., Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).The current generation is the beneficiary of IT, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and so on, all of which developed on the foundation laid by persons like the late Mr. Kohli. How true is the statement by Mr. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons:

‘He was a true legend, who laid the very foundation of India’s spectacular IT revolution and set the stage for the dynamic modern economy we enjoy today.’

The BCAS Diary and pocket diary – conceptualised as a professional commitment at your fingertips, and the BCAS Calendar, 2021, articulated with India’s rich cultural heritage, are available for subscription. These are well-designed professional tools of daily relevance and much-sought-after as a New Year souvenir by clients, family and friends. May I appeal to you to book the same in advance?

Forensic Accounting and Investigation (FAI) is a specialised practice area that has gained momentum in the emerging economic scenario. Organisations increasingly seek professional help to assess fraud risk, to discover financial frauds, to assess the quantum of loss / damage caused by frauds and to collect evidence to quantify and corroborate the loss / damage caused as a result of frauds. FAI Services are regularly sought by banks, insurance companies and now even the police.

In keeping with its tradition of making specialised knowledge accessible to all professionals, BCAS, through its Internal Audit Committee, has started a long-duration course titled ‘Forensic Accounting and Investigation Studies’. Launched in association with CDIMS as the knowledge partner, it is offered as an E-learning course, spanning over 45 hours of digital learning content. A well- conceptualised training programme, this course offers an opportunity to acquire specialised skills in an emerging area of professional practice.

On 9th December we have planned a lecture meeting on ‘Recent Developments in GST Law and Procedures’ by Mandar Telang. The learned speaker would cover the critical issues related to Input Tax Credit vis a vis section 36(4), e-invoicing, GST audit, Department audit and so on. It would be a very relevant and timely programme for professionals engaged in GST compliances.

I am eager to meet you virtually at the 54th BCAS Residential Refresher Course.

May I suggest that you visit www.bcasonline.org for the detailed announcements and enrolments?

This is the end of the unprecedented year 2020. My next communication would be in 2021. The year 2020 has taught us so much. It was a year of extraordinary experiences on various fronts – health, work, education, knowledge-sharing and so on. It was a case of a paradigm shift. From the uncertain times of the pandemic and related anxieties to hope of a vaccine coming in and which could be the year-end gift to human beings. We should enter the New Year with hope, new directions and a positive attitude.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year – 2021. Let’s hope that in 2021 we are back to our normal social life with personal, face-to-face interactions.

Till then, we follow the dictum, ‘We isolate now, so when we meet again no one is missing!’

With Best Regards,

CA. Suhas Paranjpe



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