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Thought Mailer                                                                       Vol. 9 1 No. 08 1 March 2019

CA Jatin Parikh


Let me begin with a humorous note

An American visited India and went back to America,

Where he met his Indian Friend who asked him “How do you find my Country?” The American said it is a great country, with solid ancient history and immensely rich with natural resources.

The Indian friend asked,” How did you find Indians?”
Indians?? I did not find or met a single Indian there in India.
What Nonsense??
Who else could you meet in India then??
The American Said.
In Kashmir, I met Kashmiri..
In Punjab, a Punjabi,
In Bihar, a Bihari,
In Karnataka, a Kannadiga,
In Maharashtra, a Marathi,
In Rajasthan, a Marwari,
In Bengal, a Bengali,
In Tamilnaudu, a Tamilian,
In Kerala, a Malayli,
In Telangana, a Telugu
In Gujrat, a Gujrati,
Then I met
A Hindu
A Muslim
A Sikh
A Christian
A Jain
A Buddhist

And then lots of people from different castes...

(Burning vehicles, vandalizing public property, blocking roads & Railways, paralyzing whole country demanding ‘Quota’ in Government jobs under the grab of uplifitment. I learnt that it means life-long salary without doing any work. Hence in great demand by all sects & exploited by self-seeking politicians)

And many many more…. But not a single Indian did I meet...

The Indian Army,
The Indian Air Force &
The Indian Navy...
....The only identifiable entity.
Think how serious this joke is...

The day would not be far when indeed we would become a collection of polarized states as some regional & parochial antinational politicians’ want...

The Indian Army/Navy/Air Force are the ONLY adhesive holding the geographic entity of India together both in war and peace (collapse of civil administration in maintain law & order/Natural calamities), and despite being slighted & short changed since independence. But for them, India as we know it would have ceased to exist long ago.

We have started recognizing our self by our Religion, Cast, language etc. We have become very narrow minded and selfish. We give priority to our Religion, Cast and Language. I am not against the feelings of being proud of one’s religion, cast or language. One should be proud of his or her religion, cast or language with due respect to other person’s religion, cast or language. But above all, we should be Indian First.

Sardar Patel was instrumental in making India a strong nation by his political and visionary skills by convincing small states to join India. I am sure Sardar Patel must be feeling sorry with the state of affairs, condition and situation in which we have led this country after more than seventy years of independence. We have forgotten that we are Indians. I am sure our freedom fighters must have not sacrificed their life for this country we have led to. We sing National and patriotic songs only on Independence Day and Republic Day. Not only that, we create controversy and go to the court for not having National Anthem in the theatres. OSHO used to say that nowhere in the world there are so many patriotic songs than in India but we are less patriotic than any other people in the world.

Who is responsible for this state of affairs? We need not blame our leaders because we have elected them but we perform our duty once in five years and then expect miracles from them. We choose them on the basis of cast, religion and language and never consider their educational quali-fications, character and criminal background and this has made our leaders to divide this country on the basis of religion, cast and language as they are sure that they can be elected only if they serve their religion, cast and language.

This great country was ruled by foreign hand mainly because we were divided. Moguls and Britishers have ruled this country by dividing by cast and religion. We have divided this country by language. The concept may be good but see where we have led this country to. We have started hating each other’s language, cast and religion. After seventy years of Independence, we are not still out of dirty politics with which Britishers have ruled us. This country has best talent. The world top companies’ CEOs are Indians. Only because of cast politics and reservation, the best talents are leaving this country. Can we not find some way out? How many years India will continue with this reservation policy?

Let me quote here Swami Chinmayananda and I Quote:

“Each individual is a unit in this universe, in this world. And all these individuals put together is called community or nation or the world itself. Apart from individual, there is no world. All of you put together without distinction and differences, all your minds put together, is the world outside. So, if the majority of the minds are selfish, arrogant, utterly egocentric, vulgar and without character - that society, that community, will be of the same character! Today, a nation is no nation, only a country where a population lives. There is no integration amongst them. And internationally, no understanding! Through individual perfection alone world perfections can be aspired. This is the conclusion arrived at by the great thinkers of the past, In all scriptures! I’m not talking of Vedanta or the Indian scriptures. Is not the Bible saying the same? Is not the Quran saying the same? Is not Dhammapada of the Buddhist saying the same? Every great master who has given enough thought to it has understood that the cause for the sorrows of the world outside is the imperfection or disturbance of your mind.”

India is facing many problems like Hunger, Health and Education. Why cannot our politicians, industrialists and educated people talk on these subjects and find out the way to solve these problems. Our politicians are in habit of finding faults in any policies announced by ruling party instead of helping and giving solutions to the problems/lacunas in the scheme announced by the Government. Our politicians waste time and does not allow the Government to function and the intellectuals and media are remaining helpless and do not protest.

Look at our media, always talking negative. Our news always gives negative news as if nothing good is happening in this country.

Our Past President Great Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had once asked:

“Tell me, why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?”

Our Newspapers are also giving negative news and offhand people have stopped reading newspapers in the morning as it feeds us with negative thoughts. Our media makes a fun of slogans like “INDIA SHINING”, “MAKE IN INDIA” and “ACHHE DIN” These are positive thoughts and our media sees only negative. If Media gives support to these ideas, I think India will shine. The best example is clean India movement, see how much improvement is there. We see clean Railway Stations, Airports, cities, villages and clean toilets.

I request all senior and respected industrialists; Chamber of Commerce should put a pressure on media. My suggestion is why cannot our media experiment by allocating at least one day in a week to only print and broadcast positive news?

Gurudev Swami Chinmyananda always said, “The country becomes a nation only if people are alert, vigilant and play active role for well –being of the whole country. Otherwise, it is mere geographical location and a burden on Motherland.”

Let me end with a song written by Swami Tejomayananda, of Chinmaya Mission.

Our Prayer to Mother India: May we all Indians live together harmoniously and work together to realize this dream. Mother - bless us with devotion, wisdom and action so that we may succeed in this endeavour.

Sri Aurobindo has rightly said “India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples”

Fight back-

Always say I am Indian. We need to change our thinking not just our profile picture. Only then our Nation Changes. JAI HIND! VANDE MATRAM


About: CA Jatin Parikh,

Jatin Harivadan Parikh qualified as a Chartered Accountant in November, 1973 and is practicing since 1974. He is the Founder Partner of Parikh Joshi & Kothare, Chartered Accountants. The firm was established in 1985 and was merged with Gokhale & Sathe, Chartered Accountants in 2014. Mr. Parikh is now semi-retired and doing Tax and Management consultancy. He has also delivered lectures at Study Circles organized by WIRC of ICAI. He also chaired as a Group leader on various papers at residential conferences organized by Chamber of Tax Consultants. He is a Member of Rotary Club of Mumbai, Kandivali West since 2003 and served as President of the club in the Year 2008-2009.

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