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Thought Mailer                                                                       Vol. 10 1 No. 08 1 March 2020

Mr. Jimmy A. Patel


A person’s karma is created by his or her thoughts, words, and deeds. This knowledge allows us to stop blaming others and feeling like a victim. We create our own karma by building our tomorrow on the foundations that we lay today. What we are dealing with today is a consequence of our thoughts, words and deeds in the past.

In ‘Lessening Karmic Retribution’ if one’s heavy karma from the past is not expiated within this lifetime, one must undergo the sufferings of hell in the future, but if one experiences extreme hardship in this life, the sufferings of hell vanish instantly.

The term “Lessening of Karmic Retribution” literally means, “Transforming the heavy and receiving the light.” “Heavy” indicates negative karma accumulated over countless lifetimes in the past. It means transforming the heavy karma and receiving it in a lighter form because of benefits accumulated through consistent, steadfast practice of spreading goodness in your environment. One can lessen his/her karmic retribution, in terms of time and intensity, that one would otherwise have to suffer over a longer period.

There is no such thing as a life free of hardships. We experience hardships precisely so that we can achieve true peace in life. But unless we are aware of our inner strength to withstand hardships, we will find ourselves in a situation where one difficulty gives rise to another, and we will ultimately be crushed by their weight.

The principle of lessening karmic retribution explains the quintessential power that resides within ourselves and that enables us to withstand hardships.

The important thing is how we change our attitude or inner resolve at this moment. This is because we can freely create our future through our determination and action right at this very instant. Similarly, transforming our karma is none other than changing those inner life tendencies that keep us trapped in negativity and unhappiness and solidly putting ourselves on a positive path.

The question of how to change in a positive direction is one that has spawned countless theories, religions, and publishing empires. Certainly, self-discipline and effort to enable us to make positive change, for example: by starting to exercise regularly. But the will power required is often the challenge to maintain this regime, our self control may slip at a crucial moment because we have not addressed the underlying, inner causes of our behavior. This is what we call ‘Human Revolution’ which is transforming our lives from the very core. It involves the identifying and challenging of those things which inhibit the full expression of our positive potential and humanity. We develop a powerful vitality that allows us to tackle problems with a sense of inner liberation. We are thus empowered to pursue our best self, striving to improve from yesterday to today and for a better tomorrow.

When we look beyond our personal concerns and take action for the sake of others, the process of inner transformation is accelerated and strengthened. An experience which previously seemed liked an unjust burden can become the key to finding the purpose of our lives, as we learn how to help others struggling in a similar situation.

This individual process of inner transformation is the very key to sparking change on a global scale.


About: Mr. Jimmy A. Patel, (MD & CEO Quantum Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd),

A Chartered Accountant by profession, with a rich experience of nearly 30 years and a "Stellar Performance Award" to his credit, Jimmy sets an exemplary example of excellence. He carries a deep understanding of the various facets and functioning of an Asset Management Company. Jimmy has played a key role in creating India's first totally paperless Online Investment Portal for Quantum AMC.

Prior to joining Quantum AMC, Jimmy has held Senior Management roles at Edelweiss Asset Management Limited - Core Founding Committee Member, JM Financial Asset Management Pvt. Ltd, Principle Group (USA), Tata Mutual Fund and ICICI OneSource. Having served as a member on the Board Of Directors for multiple AMFI & SEBI committees, he is compliance driven. Jimmy is a Chevening Standard Chartered Financial Services Leadership fellow from Kings College, London.

He can be contacted at : Jimmy@QuantumAMC.com


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