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Thought Mailer                                                                       Vol. 11 1 No. 02 1 September 2020



Whatever said and done, by and large everyone wants to remain in their comfort zone and yet want to achieve something great, spectacular, and splendid. But do you really think it’s possible. The answer is clearly “NO “But very few have the courage to accept. No one wants to move out of their self-drawn line of comfort zone. It is said that anything which remains constant in this world is change, but how many of us really want to go for a change? Come out from their self-drawn line of comfort zone?. Getting out of one’s Comfort zone is a prerequisite to achieve something big.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there. You get diminishing returns when you restrict yourself within your comfort zone. It is said “No Risk, No gain”’ Therefore think some time to take risk to achieve big rather than making excuses.

Everyone who has achieved recognition, status Name& Fame, be it in their Family & Friends, Circle, Society, Business, Profession, Carrier, Nationally or Globally, they have taken a risk and have done things differently , moved away from their comfort . Getting out of your comfort means doing things that you don’t feel comfortable doing with, yet you ramp up your facets, creativity, pace and drive.

Every legend in the Society has never compromised or took short cuts and always insisted for perfection in spite of having limited resources at his command. They have always think out of the Box and tried to do things which others couldn’t think of. To put it in other words, they never feared to do things differently. They continuously moved out of their comfort zone.

So now let us ponder upon the cause, a reason or a thing which does not allow one getting out of comfort zone. The main cause which does not allow one to move from his Comfort zone is the ‘Fear Factor”. It is normal Human Tendency to think of Negativity first. I can’t do it. It’s the Psycho fear which prevents us from adapting to any change. As a matter of fact one must try to increase his level and Bench mark of his comfort zone to have better quality of Life.

Keep a list of Growth goals; take nothing for granted, change your routine, remove inferiority complex etc. Even the smallest change in your daily routine can create incredible ripple effects that expand our vision to what is possible. Think Big- If people do not laugh at your dreams, your dreams are not big enough. The Magic of Thinking big remind us of the power of our beliefs as a measure of pursuing our dreams with a powerful intensity. Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t cannot. Success leaves clues but doesn’t rest on your laurels since it is easy- Great things never came from comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your Danger zone. Comfort kills productivity.

Comfort is your biggest trap and coming out of it is your biggest challenge. Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.

Every one of us travels for pleasure, moving away from our routine to get fresh and geared up for work when we resume. When we decide, we plan metricullessly for everything, from reservation, accommodation places to visit etc., Have we ever tried travelling suddenly, without any advance planning? Just try once. I am not telling you it is easy, but surely it’s going to be worth it. I certainly don’t advocate doing things blindly. Coming out of comfort zone is tough in the beginning, Chaotic in the middle and away some in the end- because in the end it show you a whole new world.

Remember others are not superior to you. It’s only a state of mind. It is said that “Necessity is Mother of Invention. So unless you put yourself in that situation, nothing will make for better than what you are. This remains a continuous process. People at initial stages may not accept your idea, but pursue it, try to improvise and one day you will achieve what you had desired. All new inventions are result of those achievers who thought out of the Box and moved away from their routine.

Rest assured life isn’t always smooth sailing. Life‘s journey is filled with countless lessons, which many failed to concede when embroiled in their drama.

Life is very short, you can’t afford delays. Time and tide waits for none. To make life full of joy do what you want before you realize it’s too late. Take the current crisis of “CORONA VIRUS”. Did anyone think that such a Lock Down could happen and you would be sitting at home without doing any work? Therefore try to change yourself and find thrill, excitement, joy, happiness in whatever you do and not live a monotonous Life.

Be Honest to yourself, determine what you really want and then go all out for it with full vigour.

A famous dialogue of film Anand
“Bhai, Zindagi Lambi Nahi, Badi honi Chahiye.”




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