2020 is Not A Curse

November - 2020
2020 is Not A Curse

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Thought Mailer                                                                       Vol. 11 1 No. 04 1 November 2020

Mr. Rajeev Surana

2020 is Not A Curse

When we look back upon 2020, we all are so tempted to erase it from our memories and if possible, from the calendar itself and simply fast forward to 2021. But as someone rightly said, a man’s true character is shaped during a crisis’ and that’s the spirit which is required to shape our future and the world which is sustainable.

Although we can continue to debate the cause of Covid19, the fact remains that the world was already a ticking time bomb ready to explode with a pandemic. In fact, it was consistently predicted in the United States of America that we can be engulfed by a pandemic anytime soon, when unfortunately, the Trump administration decided to dismantle the Pandemic Dept. which would have come in handy during Covid19.

We have never faced the kind of uncertainty we are experiencing now but one thing is given for sure; the future needs to be reshaped and we need to rebalance our lives to make up for a healthier and happier planet.

During the writing of my book, “2020 is not a curse” I got an opportunity to interview global experts on different aspects of life which affect us such as technology, retail, learning etc. and the resounding answer I got everywhere was, “let us go back to our roots and get close to nature”. I am sharing some of the insights during the making of my book which will help you reflect and decide on the life you want to live.

Why is 2020 not a curse?

1. We have got an opportunity to reconnect with our families and lives.

Because of the lockdown, people started spending more time at home and pursuing their long lost hobbies. Baking has in fact, become a universal destressor with more and more households indulging in baking to spruce up their mood and waking up to an irresistible smell.

It is extremely important that we pursue our hobbies and indulge in recreational activities to calm our minds and take some time off work.

2. Work from Home (WFH) is no more an option, it’s a necessity.

WFH is the new norm and Zoom is the new global currency. My cousin who is a well known set designer, having designed sets for Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) & Film Fare Awards, works with a hectic work schedule and always found it challenging to spend time at home, especially with a small kid in tow. But with WFH option, she instructs her team onsite to assemble the set and is a much happier Mom now, getting to spend time with her little one instead of being stuck in the busy Mumbai traffic.

3. Going online is no longer a luxury.

We used to debate about whether going online will replace offline experience and whether we should consider doing business online. This pandemic has proven beyond doubt that going online is the only way to survive and thrive.

One of our startups, CMM, which is into medical footwear and customized insoles, had a physical clinic set up to serve its patients who needed to be examined and it was a challenge to serve them amidst lockdown and restrictions. CMM reinvented its business model to go online to check the patient and their foot condition through a video consultation session after which the foam box (used to mimic the foot and get foot impression of the patient) would be couriered to the patient to capture their foot condition.

On receipt of the foam box, CMM would make customised insoles and footwear after which it would courier it back to the customer. This has given CMM an opportunity to take the business globally and serve customers anywhere in the world.

4. Nature is the source of life and healing.

We have taken nature for granted for too long and the biggest learning for us is that nature is our source of life, and we need to learn to coexist with Mother Planet. There is a whole new movement towards slowing down what we do; be it Slow Cooking, Slow Fashion and whatever you can imagine.

Nature is also a big problem solver. An example to illustrate it can be during the major oil spill off at the coast of Alaska. To deal with the danger of oil spill and its effect on marine life, scientists deployed oil-eating bacteria that would manage to control the oil spill.

5. We Are One.

Living in a competitive world, we have taken the human race as our competition. But unless we move together and collaborate, the world can never be a happy place.

It's time to reflect and reconnect with ourselves, our family and community and deal with our issues as common with each other’s support, to make us happier and the world a sustainable place to live.



About: Mr. Rajeev Surana,

Rajeev Surana, Founder & CEO, SCPL, is a management consultant, patent attorney, author, speaker, faculty, marathoner and above all, a dreamer. In his second book, “2020 Is Not A Curse”, he speaks on what the future holds for us in different areas which matter to us, right from the future of learning to shop & retail to technology. In his words, “2020 is definitely not a curse; it is an aberration and much-needed pause so that we can reflect on the mess we have created in the name of consumerism and capitalism and find responsible ways of consuming what is required and say no to what is excessive.”

He can be contacted at : rajeev@scinnovation.in


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