Pride in Our Profession

May - 2021
Pride in Our Profession

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Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society

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Thought Mailer                                                                       Vol. 11 1 No. 10 1 May 2021

CA Madhukar N. Hiregange

Pride in Our Profession

Pride in one’s professional conduct and work brings energy to our office, a vitality which is infectious, team bonding and encourages working passionately to serve. A sure shot formula for name, fame, success and respect. Somewhere in our busy schedule of life, we may not have given less thought to this way of being.

Over a period of time, the differences between business and profession are seemingly getting blurred. It is fact that some professional firms are growing and expanding while following the ethical code in good measure. Quality staff be they article assistant or qualified are queuing up to get in. In this article we look at what is that they may be doing differently that gives them name, fame, continued patronage of clients, higher employee loyalty, respect in society along with reasonable economic rewards.

The understanding that profession is for service for a fee Vs profit as in business; based on expertise, knowledge and skills Vs entrepreneurship; enhanced by quality delivery consistently Vs perception management through advertisement and regulated by a code of conduct Vs let the buyer beware needs to be restated proudly and owned by every professional. In today’s world people management is the focus area in almost all business. This is more important in profession as we do not sell products but services provided through people.

Pride in the profession we belong to, our office, our team and self are not only desirable but essential to come happily to office, work passionately and go back home with a sense of satisfaction and having made a positive difference. We need to build pride internally and exhibit it externally. Goal of the profession is to be an important, trusted and independent part of the financial world. Similarly the firm need to be client focused and ensure that the compliance with the law is strengthened to allow the industry/ trade to focus on their competencies to create wealth.

The starting point of building internal pride can come with the clear, inspiring and compelling reason of where we belong, what we do and how we do it. The members of the profession, firm, team within the firm should be aware of how they are contributing to all the stakeholders in some way.

The next step could be gaining of the basic knowledge, updating on the subject, skilling ourselves to serve the clients by delivering quality services in time. This would also include creating a culture of integrity, excellence, following the technical standards, moving out of our comfort zone, building on the strengths of each other, going the extra mile for the client, being accountable and responsible as also giving back to society.

Externally pride can be exhibited by self by being cheerful, energetic, punctual, well dressed and clean. The firm can be proud of its office, its website, its practices, its sharing and its contribution to the profession, professional, clients and country. The result of the work in the form of reports, certificates, opinions and representation should on their own be an example of the quality. The users, be they, clients or revenue officers come to rely on them. The Court would validate the opinions in course of time.

All of the above can be reinforced by continuous acknowledgement of effort and achievement of the individual, team and firm. Each and every team leader, manager, partner needs to look at how to compliment good behaviour or work in a genuine manner. More importantly these “successes” should be communicated regularly orally or by mail to the individual and team. Rejoicing and celebrating can add to the good feeling. This vital action is often not emphasised in the professional firms as on date.

Most of us know what is important, however we are mired in the urgent putting out the innumerable fires which should not have broken out in the first place if we were to spend some time on the important. In addition to be playing / exercising regularly to be healthy, spending sufficient quality time with family and friends, getting financially comfortable, we need to have pride to enjoy the 60% of our waking hours at work. Introspect to empower yourself.



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Madhukar N Hiregange, a Chartered Accountant by profession, based in Bengaluru, and Chief mentor Hiregange Academy- NPO providng knowledge to commerce gar-duates for acquiring relavant skill sets for the job market. Authored various books jointly with other professional forums. Mr. Hiregange is active in responding to queries through various online mediums.

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