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As I sit down to write this communication, the Finance Minister has just concluded presenting the Interim Budget. In an invigorating Interim Budget speech, for the first time by a Chartered Accountant, the Finance Minister left no stone unturned in highlighting the series of measures taken by the Government to overcome policy paralysis and bring the Indian economy back on track. While a bystander may get a perception that some of these recollections amount to blowing one’s own trumpet, perhaps in these times of persistent negativity and noise, some element of positive assertion helps build confidence.

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A voluntary organisation established on 6th July 1949, BCAS has more than 9,000 members from all over the country at present and is a principle-centred and learning-oriented organisation promoting quality service and excellence in the profession of Chartered Accountancy and is a catalyst for bringing out better and more effective Government policies & laws and for clean & efficient administration and governance.

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